Digital Mortar: Your In-Store Tracking Partner

Analyzing what is going on in your retail environment is one of the best ways to optimize customer experience, staffing strategies, merchandising and layout. With Digital Mortar hardware and software solutions the entirety of a store layout, ranging from supermarket, mall, big box or flagship, can be tracked. The resulting data are individual, anonymized customer records that provide end to end paths with geolocations updated sub second and location accuracy of better than 1 foot (0.3 meters). That information is positioned onto a flexible map of the store environment to enable analysis of where customers go first/next/last, which areas engage, how well displays convert, if sections are understaffed or overstaffed and when cashwrap queues form.

For retailers serious about optimizing their stores, in store shoppers tracking should be strongly considered.

Deploying excellent full journey tracking presents challenges, but with the help of Digital Mortar, you can get several advantages.

1. Metrics. Firstly, Digital Mortar is the most advanced retail customer analytics tool on the market and consolidates a broad array of shopper behaviorally descriptive behaviors into a set of metrics. It is easy to compare performance across multiple locations, within a single store, across day/time parts, seasonally and more with the available metrics. Available metrics include traffic, time spent, shop rate, conversion rate, shopper to associate ratio and more. What’s more is metrics are available for any tracked area of the store down to a single square foot.

2. Hardware. Digital Mortar uses the most advanced people tracking hardware available including 3D/stereoscopic cameras, LiDAR sensors and Bluetooth tracking. The software platform is hardware agnostic so clients can pick the type of tracking hardware that best meets their analytical needs, is most conducive for the store environment and fits within their budget.

3. Services. Analytical professional services are available for clients that choose to leverage Digital Mortar’s expertise maximizing the value of our in store tracking data. Digital Mortar can support the rollout of in-store A/B testing programs or create and deliver analytic roadmaps that provide new learnings on an ongoing basis. There is also the option to have your own internal resources be trained by Digital Mortar.

In the future it will be essential to understand your physical stores with the same data and detail as an ecommerce presence. It is not possible to optimize what is not measured and smart retailers will increasingly relay on customer journey data to drive decisions.

With a product like Digital Mortar in place a retailer can expect to increase sales through better layout and merchandising decisions while reducing labor costs through more efficient staffing models.

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